Curse of Strahd

Chapter Four: All is Well in Vallaki

Wherein lodging, prayer, healing, and dolls are procured


The rain was lifting and the sun setting as the group neared the gates of Vallaki, half wounded and feeling defeated. The guards let them in, giving them a yellow happy face button, and saying they needed to wear it at all times, unless at a festival, then they had to wear the proper festival button, else face the consequences. Ireena admitted she didn’t know where to go or who to stay with, only that she kept having dreams about a person who could help what lived in Vallaki.

With no other ideas, they went to the inn.

It was named the Blue Water Inn, and was the first pleasant place they had met in Barovia. Sven noticed raven roosting the in the eaves of the attic. They got rooms from the owner, Urwin Martikov. He advised them to visit the Church of St. Stephen, and Fjornborg decided to take Sven with him. Blade and Skylark talked to a half-elf bard named Rictavio. He talked about coming here in search of adventure and told them that Vallaki was safe as long as the bones of St. Stephen were in the local Triune Church. SO then the two wandered around town looking for equipment.

Ireena and Ismark stayed in the Inn. Galenas became bored and decided to go check out a strange wagon he found on the way walking in time.coswagon.jpg

Fjornborg and Sven found the pastor, Father Lucian Petrovich with a serious problem. The Bones of St. Stephen were missing. This powerful artifact was the only thing keeping the people of Vallaki relatively safe from Baron Strahd. They questioned the gravedigger, Milivoj, and he confessed the theft. He had given the bones to the coffin maker. They immediately left to go find the coffin-maker.

Meanwhile, Blade and Skylark came across an odd place: Blinksy’s Toys. The shop was run by a dwarf who made macabre kids toys. He had a pet monkey, and they made them think of the card readings. said he would not go with them though. Skylark noticed that there were numerous dolls that looked like Ireena. He said they were for a man named Izek Strasni who lived with the Burgomaster of Vallaki: “Baron” Vargas Vallakovich. They decided to have a chat with them in the morning, and left to sleep at the inn.

Now in full nighttime, Fjornborg and Sven entered Henrik van der Voort, the coffin-maker’s home. The two interrogated him, and he claimed that the Lady Wachter hired him to steal the bones, which were upstairs. They quickly found themselves surrounded by six vampires, all of them young men wearing uniforms of the Karameikan Army. The fight grew grim, and only the timely arrival of Galenas (who had grown bored of being bored) saved Fjornborg and Sven. The three dispatched four of the vampires, but two of the beasts fled with the bones. The group, badly hurt, returned to the inn and all rested the best they could.



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