Curse of Strahd

Chapter Five: Tale of Two Houses

Wherein a power struggle ends in unfortunate violence

In the morning, the group was told to wear black pins with sad faces, and to attend the mandatory pep session. They did so and watched “Baron” Vargas Vallakovich and “Baroness” Petranova Vallakovich conduct a terrible play and actually kill a villager. The people all began to yell and the dead man, and then cheer the Baron for killing him. Then the entire mob began to yell at the top of their lungs, swearing and calling the death of anyone and everyone. Soon the mob ran out of steam and dispersed back to their homes, all the while hearing the call of Baron Vallokovich that "All is Well!

After the pep rally, the group decided to stop spitting up, and deal with one thing at a time.

Leaving Ireena with Ismark at the inn, first they decided to stop the the nearby Burgomaster and see about the strange dolls of Ireena. They were allowed in by an attractive maid, and taken to a den with a large mounted bear. They of course did not stay and wait, instead leaving and going upstairs. There they eventually met Izek Strasni. He fought them for intruding, but eventually “Baron” Vargas Vallakovich appeared and stopped the fight. They group explained Fiona Wachter’s theft of the Bones of St. Stephen. Vargas ordered his bodyguard to go with the heroes and apprehend Lady Wachter.


So they went to the mansion called “Wachterhaus”. Galenas had seen it in his wanderings the night before. They encountered no one as they entered the house, only encountering a young girl, the daughter, Stella Wachter, the girl who thinks she is a cat. She took an instant liking to Fjornborg. In the cellar, however, they found the vampires, all six and Fiona Wachter, a sorcerer. The fight was difficult, but with the entire party involved, and the help of Izek, all the vampires were permanenly slain. Fiona was able to teleport away, however.

The group claimed Wachterhaus for their own, grudgingly allowed by the Burgomaster as reward. Finally, as Ireena and Ismark moved in, Izek and Ireena met. It instantly stirred both of their memories… for an instant, it was clear she remembered being Anastasia, and the Izek was her trusted bodyguard and companion. but then the memory faded. Ismark was taken aback, thinking that he was her true protector. Nevertheless, the three decided to stay in Wachterhaus while the heroes sallied forth to search for the artifacts promised in the Vistanti prophecy.

Just then, Rictavio appeared, with his wagon in tow, the same Galenas was so interested in earlier. He told them, in secrecy, that the card referred not to Blinsky, but to him. (He had given Blinsky the monkey.) He was in actuality the famous vampire hunter Rudolph van Richten, one of the survivors of the failed Ducal Expedition into Barovia years before the Civil War. All this time he has been in hiding, but the arrival of the heroes has given him renewed hope. But for now he asked them the keep his secret intact for the time being. With that, “Rictavio” left with his wagon, saying he would be back soon, and for the heroes to continue their quests for now.



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