Curse of Strahd

Chapter Three: The Vistani Encampment

Wherein fortunes are told and plans are made.

Ismark the Lesser convinced Ireena Kolyana to open the door, and after much discussion, Ireena explained that Ismark the Greater was dead. Ireena was afraid that she had done it, that she was a murderer. Ireena wanted the bury her adoptive father at the church and then leave at once for Vallaki to the east. The soldiers all wanted to take her, as they were all conviced that Ireena was truly Anastasia Karameikos.

They took the body of Ismark to the church, which was still partly on fire. Skylark was able to convince Ireena that they could just bury the body and Fjornborg’s prayers would be enough to lay her father to rest. They then left for Vallaki. Outside of town they met Stanimirand he again urged them to meet with Madame Eva. it was on the way to Vallaki, so agian the group joined the Vistanti cavaran.


After a while, they came to the camp. A roaring fire and a meal greeted the group, and soon the met with Eva. She gave them a Taroka card reading, and it gave them clues to artifact locations, items and other information that would help them slay the vampire lord Baron Strahd! She told them to leave and to beware as Strahd knows almost everything that happens in Barovia.

The Tome of Strahd

The Feather of the Ravenking

The Sommerswerd

Strahd’s Enemy

Strahd’s Location

At this point the party wanted to continue escorting Ireena to Vallaki. They then traveled up higher into the hills. Rain began to fall. They then could see Castle Ravenloft nearby, no longer above them, but now at the same altitude.
Soon they came to a road running toward the castle, blocked off by a great iron gate. As they approached the road, the gate opened by itself, and the thundering of hooves could be heard. Then out of the rain drove a covered wagon, pulled by four horses abreast.

tser_falls.pngp’s attacks caused one horse to die. Skylark and Timex leapt on the carriage in an attempt to kill the driver. The driver jumped off and the whole carriage fell off a nearby cliff; Skylark and Timex barely leapt to safety themselves. Then the driver revealed himself to be Baron Strahd Zarovich himself. He unleashed a magical fireball into the heroes, knocking some out, and severely wounding the rest. He then told the adventurers they had done well, and looked forward to another meeting. He then invited them to his castle anytime for dinner. He then polymorphed into a bat and left.

Not at all wanting to go to Castle Ravenloft, they continued on the main road. as the sun began to go down, but still raining, they came across an old dilapidated windmill.
Blade and Skylark got a very bad vibe from the place, so they continued past. They then came through a woods and finally to a large town surrounded by a wooden palisade and towers. It was Vallaki.



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