Curse of Strahd

Chapter Two: Darkness over Baroburg

Wherein the sought is found and the lost revealed

The group quickly grabbed their fallen leader and tended all their wounds. After a moment to explain the terrors he had just faced, Blade suggested they all get lodging in town. The Vistanti leader, Stanovich, urged them just to continue, but this time he was over-ruled.

All went into the inn and tavern, the Blood of the Vine Inn, and after ordering a meal and a room, turned to the locals in the bar. A woman playing a lute in the corner attracted Klepto, and he sat next to her accompanying her on his flute. The soldiers questioned the only other person in the bar, a man, Ismark the Lesser, and he explained that his sister-in-law was acting strange and had barricaded herself in their house. Her name was Ireena Kolyana. Sven was worried about this, due to the letter he had found back at the gates to Barovia.

The Letter found at the Gate

Fjornborg suggested they then visit the local Church of the Triune. There they met the local priest, Father Donavan. He was keeping a local boy, Doru captive there. The group decided to return to the church in the daytime and deal with the problem then. On the way out, the clock struck midnight, and a procession of spirits slowly appeared in the chapel pews then walked out. Father Donavan assured the group that it was harmless, and it happened every night. This time, though, it was clear that Donavan’s own spirit was in the procession. The group followed the spirits down to the main part of the village and they went to their room for the night.

That night a terrible thunderstorm raged. Sven, staring out the inn window, saw during a flash of lightning a hauntingly beautiful human, a woman with red hair, walk out into the town square, then become surrounded by bats. After the next flash of lightning, she was gone.

Upon rising, they found Ismark still at the bar, hungover. He again insisted they help him with Ireena. They then went back to the chapel, and found Father Donavan had hung himself in his room. They then went down and easily slew the obvious vampiric Doru, as he was chained to the floor, and complaining madly for blood. They staked the vampire, and it ceased to exist. Blade then set the chuch ablaze.

They then went to the other side of town to Ismark’s house, the home of the Burgomaster, Ismark the Greater. There they were let in by Ireena. All the soldiers of the 13th were immediately struck by how much she looked exactly like their lost commander, Anastasia Karameikos, even down to the scar on her forehead and mole on her cheek. She herself seemed to recognize the soldiers, then slammed the door in their face.



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