Curse of Strahd

Prologue: The Death House Pt. 2

Wherein Blade, Skylark, and Budro are almost eaten by a house.

The two children, Rose and Thorn, told our heroes that their parents were missing, but not in the town, rather the absent parents were lost in their own house. The pitiful pair persuaded Skylark to enter, and the others followed. The children stayed outside.
p. Inside, things were quiet and dark. Nothing moved. At the same time, nothing truly seemed amiss. A search of the downstairs revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Blade took a sword from about the mantle that had the etching of a windmill upon it. Upstairs also revealed nothing to odd. Klepto then discovered the secret door.

Beyond, a stair way led to the attic. immediately, the air grew cold, the sense of breathing could be felt. Up they went, and the darkness grew, Blade lighting a lantern. In the dim light, they could see boxes and stacks of furniture lying draped under grimy sheets. Behind a door, they found a nursery, and Skylark could feel the sense of dread even stronger here. There, behind a doll house, was another secret door, and ladder going back down. They one by one went down, down, down into a basement.

The basement showed signs of age and decay, but also of recent use. They entered an area that clearly was a family crypt. Names of the Durst family were on small vault doors, the kind made for coffins to slide inside. They also found ones for the children, Rose and Thorn. They declined to open any of them.

Deeper down they then came across what appeared to be a cultist den. then further on, a stair down. Musty smells came from the passage down, and a sense of foreboding washed over the heroes. Yet still they ventured on.

The stairs opened onto a chamber that clearly was a summoning chamber. Around a pool of fetid water stood a stone path, inscribed with mystic and diabolic runes and symbols. The room had a high ceiling, and the sense of breathing now had grown to an unmistakable level, as if the entire room was inhaling and exhaling in terrible way. Then the pool began to bubble and and then suddenly exploded in a spray lit by Blade’s sputtering lamp. A growl and a groan revealed a horrific beast, made of what appeared to be flesh in a gelatinous mass that shifted and rolled over it self as it rapidly neared the three stunned heroes.
[[File:724337 | class=media-item-align-none | lovecraft___shoggoth__terrastial_ii_by_kingovrats-d5uohe5.jpg]]
p. Blade quickly recovered and brought his blade down hard on the monster. The abomination returned by wrapping itself around Blade in a grapple, then pulling the two of them into the pool. Skylark jumped on its back, stabbing it repeatedly with her daggers. Then Klepto’s magic missiles seared holes in the side of the beast. It let out a yowl and began to bleed. Blade tore free from its grasp, and sliced off a large hunk of it’s terrible pile of flesh. It again tried to grasp Blade, but this time he jumped back out of the pool. Skylark stabbed again, then she too leaped out of the water. Budro then touched the water with his shocking grasp magic, dealing the damage to the foul monster. Again Blade slashed and again blood and sinew came from the beast. Letting out another howl, the creature slid down in to a deeper part to the pool, escaping.

Then the breathing stopped, only to be replaced by an earsplitting howl. The entire house began to shake and bits of the ceiling fell from the ceiling. The heroes ran out of the chamber and up the stairs. Past the den, they could see the passage back to the crypt, but now bits of iron bars and stone block and other parts of the basement itself were pushing in and out of the passage. It was as if the hallway itself was a mouth and anyone walking down it would be mashed by its teeth. Yet there was nothing for it; the basement was still shaking, and Budro was hit by a large block, causing him to bleed profusely. They had to go, but indeed, they were cut and smashed as they did so.

Up the ladder the things were no better. The entire house was alive, doors opening and slamming shut, things falling off shelves, pieces of walls, floors, and ceiling popping out, collapsing, and attacking the heroes on their way out the entire way. First Klepto fell, passing out from his wounds. Blade grabbed him, and they went on. Then Skylark also fell. A halfling under each arm, and his war-blade slung on his back, Blade ran through the main floor, smashing through the front door, barely escaping the House of the Dead.



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