Curse of Strahd

Chapter Seven: Tragedy at the Tower

Wherein a prophecy comes true and things are destroyed.


The heroic soldiers came down from the Abbey, very pleased with their ridding Barovia of another evil. To their surprise, up walked Skylark. She had come to help, and reassured everyone else that Ireena was ok. She knew they were in Krezk from the burning Abbey, as she assumed Blade was up to his old tricks. Then they saw the lines of a fire brigade forming. As the Abbey lay directly over the town, its burning structure was now falling down upon Krezk’s buildings. It too was now alight, and screaming people were running about. Everyone quickly joined in to save the town, and managed to not implicate themselves in the arson they themselves created.

Later, they were told that using all that water was a waste, as it was blessed water, good for holding Strahd at bay. Walking down a bit and into a secluded grotto, they found a pool of clear water. Across the pool was a statue. After Blade fell in twice trying to cross the grotto without getting wet, everyone made it over to the statue, a statue of St. Halav. More investigation revealed that the pool and the statue referred to the Vistanti card readings, and that the water was holy water. They pushed back the statue and discovered a silver key with a dragon head as a turner. Not exactly the item they sought, but clearly this was a step towards it,


Happy that they had somewhat solved one of the prophecies, they were interrupted by three figures that now stood on the other side of the pool, getting ready to urinate in the pool. The figures ended up being werewolves, a problem for Leolin especially, as he had no magic or silver to combat them. The rest did end up slaying the beasts, and then they chose to get out of Krezk before anyone found out that they had actually started the fires.

The next morning, the party left Krezk, arriving at the crossroads again. While trying to decide which place to go, either back to Vallaki or to the Wizard of Wines, suddenly a flock of ravens swooshed over them, heading the only other direction, north back up towards the mountains. Knowing of the Wereravens help, they decided to head that way.


Soon they arrived a small lake up in a hilly valley. In the middle of the lake lay a four story tower upon a small rocky island. Connecting the island to the shore was a wooden causeway 100 yard long. The ravens swooped up and around the tower then landed on the roof. The adventurers carefully crossed the causeway and found the door to the tower was sealed by a magical lock and trap. There was also a Vistanti style wagon parked in front of the tower, with it’s door clearly marked with a sign saying “Keep Out” on it. The tower itself was ancient and in terrible shape. The third floor was missing a large section of its wall. The top story, however had curtains in glass windows and looked intact. As there was no obvious danger, they decided to take a short rest to heal from the werewolf encounter.

The door to the tower’s combination lock was not too hard to decipher, and they gained entry to the tower. Inside, conditions were not much better than the outside. There was a wooden platform connected to chains that went up into the roof and then back down to the hands of four little statues. Blade chose to climb one of the chains, and Sven quickly followed. As they neared the top, Leolin also began climbing. This added weight was too much for the ancient pulleys holding the chains on, and the whole apparatus began falling. Sven was able to grab on to the trapdoor that allowed access to the top story, but Leolin and Blade fell hard to the ground. Sven was able to get up to the top floor and he began looking around what appeared to be a living quarters. He first opened a small chest and was amazed to find a preserved human head that began talking to him!

Before anything else could happen, Blade decided to check out the wagon. He called for Skylark to join him to check for traps. Skylark discovered that the door was indeed trapped, and tried to disarm it. Alas, she was not successful, and set off a huge fireball that destroyed the entire wagon, and instantly killed the girl who thought she was a cat that had taken a liking to Fjornborg and tagged along this whole time! Skylark was knocked unconscious, her clothes and belongings ablaze. Worse, before the rest could go outside to see what had happened, the concussion for the explosion caused the entire tower to collapse! Leolin was knocked out from a huge chunk of masonry struck him on the head, cracking his skull. Only the clerical healing from the also injured Fjornborg and Galenas kept them from dying. AS the group recovered the echoes of the sxplosion and demolition still echoed around the valley, and the ravens were now gone.

But now came a wolf howl nearby, then another, and then a whole chorus. The party desperately gathered themselves together, and began heading back across the causeway, sensing that wolves or worse were coming. Clearly the wolves were coming to investigate the destruction. Sure enough, before they made it past halfway down the causeway, a pack of wolves appeared from the treeline. Then their horror grew as they saw that half the wolves were in fact werewolves. A fight for their lives began, as Skylark and Leolin were still badly injured. The party was able to take down many of the beasts, but only the timely aid of a woman rider in a black cloak and hat saved the day.

The woman did not introduce herself, only immediately began to ask who had blown up her wagon. Before an argument broke out, there was a flash, and Rictavio / Van RIcten appeared by magic. He exhorted the party to quickly join hands and come with him before Strahd appeared, as he surely would be coming to investigate the destruction o the tower. AS he told them all this, he quickly recovered some items from the crumbled tower, chiefly, the head in the chest, and then the entire group teleported away.



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